Basket Front Lift Off Removable Wald 3133

This versatile basket is based on our popular 133 basket but uses a more robust fitting (3033) that bolts onto your handlebar. The mount offers greater clearance between the bar and basket for shifters, cables, and brake levers. Mounting Hardware Included. Requires a phillips head or flat head screwdriver and a 10mm box wrench or adjustable wrench to install. Dimensions: 14.5 x 9.5 x 9 inches.
Available in white (3133WH) or gloss black (3133GB) powder coat finishes.
Fits most handlebars. Does not fit oversize bars.

Removable Front Basket

  • Powder coated steel construction
  • Removable quick release bracket
  • Handlebar mount
  • 13-1/2" x 9-7/8" x 9.5”

Basket Front Wald 135

We know you love the 135 is the exact same size as our popular 3133 baskets with shorter handlebar mounts and legs bolted to the bottom of the basket. Perfect for a couple of two liters, or a six-pack with some chips and salsa to go. Give us some Fat Tire Ale, Mission Restaurant Style Tortilla Triangles and Frog Ranch salsa any day! Available in plated (135), black (135BL), and white (135WH) finish. Legs match the finish of the basket. Dimensions: 14.5 x 9.5 x 9 inches.


Basket Front Giant Delivery Wald 157b

The Giant Delivery basket is one of the most enduring and iconic products in our catalog. Popular among messengers and paperboys (feel free to ask your father or grandfather about this noble profession), this basket is designed to carry large loads thanks to its stout legs, cargo bands, and heavy duty handlebar clamps. Three holes are provided at the bottom of the legs and spaced at 13.25, 14.25, and 15.25 inches (measured center-to-center of bracket pin to axle mount) to provide multiple mounting options. Available in plated (157B) and gloss black (157GB) finishes. Dimensions: 21 x 15 x 9 inches.

Basket Rear Large Wald 535

Wald has been making bicycle accessories right here in the USA for nearly 100 years. And their Rear Wire Basket, standard issue for paper boys for generations, is one of their most popular items. It attaches over the rear wheel of almost any bike adding ample space for books, groceries, picnic supplies and anything else you'd like to take along or bring home. The sturdy steel baskets are built tough to last a lifetime and they include a built in rack, which is great for strapping on even more gear, or for attaching a rack trunk (sold separately) on top. Chrome plate, Dimensions: 18x7.5x12 inches.

Basket Wooden

  • Natural wooden bike basket made from Mastarquoia Wood
  • Easily attaches to handlebars with leather straps
  • Carrying capacity: 5 - 10 lbs.
  • Size: 13 in. L. X 8.5 in. W. X 10 in. Deep
  • Easy installation
  • Available in Natural Finish or Dark Brown Finish

Basket Rear Trike

  • Made of steel
  • Durable vinyl coating
  • 21'' x15'' x 9''
  • White

Basket Fittings

  • Made of steel

Basket strap Leather

  • Basket Strap made of leather