Explorer Electric Tricycle
The Explorer Electric has been discontinued and replaced by the Quest

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Explorer Electric Tricycle

The Explorer has been discontinued and replaced by the Quest
Now there is no holding you back with our Explorer Electric Tricycle. Deigned and assembled in USA our Explorer Electric Tricycle come with an electric motor and a Lithium Ion battery to take you almost anywhere. The Explorer electric is built with only the highest quality part available, we have never and will never sacrifice quality for price. Some of the feature are: Super comfortable 15 1/2''x11'' seat, full height contoured backrest, stainless steel spokes, aluminum rims, adjustable handle bar stem, seven speed drive train, large rear basket. The Explorer Electric come with a 350 watt Bafang electric motor which is the best quality electric motor available today. The motor has a standard mode and an economy mode so you can get more range from the battery. safety is paramount on the Explorer Electric, on the handle bar you will find the brake lever has an electronic motor cut off switches built in. The Explorer Electric has a toque sensor built into the crank which regulates power from the battery to the motor. Built in USA